9 Sea Turtles Released Into The Gulf Of Mexico On Thursday! 🐢


Another amazing story! I don't know about guys, but whenever I get the chance to read about a sea turtle release it just puts an instant smile on my face! This time the release comes from our friends at the Gulfarium located in Niceville, Florida. 

One of the patients was named Solo, a Green Sea Turtle, who was held for several weeks at the Gulfarium's CARE center being rehabilitated after she was found cold stunned (cold stunning refers to a reaction that occurs when sea turtles are exposed to prolonged cold water temperatures. Initial symptoms include a decreased heart rate, decreased circulation, and lethargy, followed by shock, pneumonia and possibly death) in the Choctawatchee Bay (try saying that 3 times fast!).  


When they arrived at the oceans edge to set Solo free, they said it seemed like she wasn't quite ready to return home to the ocean yet! People from the crowd were yelling "Go free, Solo!"  but once Solo reached the water, she turned back around towards the crowd as she she was saying one last goodbye! A few moments later she turned back around and began swimming to her forever home in deeper waters.  

Solo was the first of 9 sea turtles to be released that morning.  Following her was; Yoda, Chewie, Boba, Ren, B.B., and Padme - all which were named after famous Star Wars Characters! I'm wondering why they didn't choose R2D2 my favorite character! These 7 sea turtles were all being rehabilitated from a cold stunning.  The remaining two were, a juvenile Green Sea Turtle named Kudzo and an adult Loggerhead Sea Turtle named Seadar.  They were both found injured in the Gulf.  Kudzo was found with a hook in him, while Seadar was found with multiple hooks, a lead wight and fishing line in her system.

It's truly amazing what these specialists do for sea turtles! The saying is true, that "not all heroes wear capes" 


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Jeffrey Kohler
Jeffrey Kohler


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